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Beautiful moth orchid

Welcome to our website! Within these pages, you will find a wealth of information about one of Planet Earth's most beautiful flowers - the Orchid (or the Orchidaceae family of flowers).

Find out about the history of this wonderful plant and learn how to care for orchids with our informative articles.

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Growing Orchids for Beginners Learn how to take care of orchids with our introductory article.

What is a phalaenopsis (moth) orchid?

and check out this video to learn how to water a phalaenopsis orchid properly.

MOMET Meter: The Ultimate Tool for Orchid Enthusiasts If you only buy one tool to help you with your orchid growing, this is the device to get.

How to Take Care of Orchids Part 1: Choosing Your Orchid In the first part of our mini-series on how to look after orchids, find out some of things to consider when selecting an orchid to grow.

How to Take Care of Orchids Part 2: Potting Media Although orchids should never be grown in soil, there are a number of options for the potting media you use.

How to Take Care of Orchids Part 3: Light The amount of light that your orchid is exposed to is an important part of growing orchids.

How to Take Care of Orchids Part 4: Water How often should you water your orchid? Find out in part four of our mini-series.

How to Take Care of Orchids Part 5: Fertilizer Fertilizer is important for your orchid to get all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth.

How to Take Care of Orchids Part 6: Temperature & Humidity Discover the optimum temperature and humidity for your orchid.

Getting RId of Aphids & Other Pests
Discover a smart method for creating your own insecticide to get rid of aphids and other orchid pests quickly and easily.

FEATURED VIDEO Phalaenopsis Orchid Care, Repotting & Spike Cutting A three part video series on caring for, repotting and cutting the bloom spikes on phalaenopsis orchids.

NEW ARTICLE Buying Orchids Online
My personal recommendation for the one and only place to buy orchids online.

FEATURED ARTICLE Orchid Fertilizers: Homemade versus Manufactured A discussion of the pros and cons of commercially available orchid fertilizers and those you can make yourself.

FEATURED ARTICLE How to Grow Healthy Orchids by Using Orchid Lights Orchids need a specific type of light for a certain number of hours. If they do not receive sufficient light, they will not thrive, and will probably die. Tips on how you can give your orchids what they need, and the orchids will reward you with dazzling blooms for many weeks.

About Orchids, A Chat by Frederick Boyle
If you've never read this timeless classic I'd urge you to do so now. Written in 1893, Boyle discusses orchids with a passion like no other. His book is packed with useful information and best of all it's 100% FREE. Click the link above and beef up your orchid knowledge.

NEW ARTICLE Orchids & Hydroponics

FEATURED ARTICLE Orchid Growing Tips: 5 Beginner Mistakes & How to Avoid Them Don't fall into the same traps as others by learning from their orchid-growing mistakes.

FEATURED ARTICLE How to Care for Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis) Learn how to care for moth orchids (or Phalaenopsis orchids) with our beginners guide.

Dendrobium Orchid Care Tips Learn hw to care for your Dendrobium Orchid.

Choosing your Orchid Fertilizer The pros and cons of manufactured and home-made orchid fertilizers.

Cymbidium Orchid Care Tips Like Dendrobiums, Cymbidium Orchids are an ideal choice for the beginner orchid grower. This article discusses some of the things an amateur Cymbidium cultivator should consider.

How to Make a Humidity Tray for Orchids Cut the cost of looking after your orchids by making your own humidity tray.

How to Water Orchids : Our Top Ten Tips How do you water your orchid? How often should you water your orchid? Find out the answers to these plus more in our Watering Orchids Primer.

The History of an Exotic, Romantic Flower - The Orchid Jon Kelly delves into the spectacular history of the orchid.

Orchid Errors with Brian, The Orchid Guy Learn how to care for orchids by seeing what happens when errors are made.

Orchids - Care of Orchids Top 5 Questions Find out the answers to the five most commonly asked questions about how to look after orchids.

The Significance of Orchid Potting Mix Jason Hobbs explains the advantages and disadvantages of the different elements that are used in orchid potting media.

Repotting Orchids Learn how to re-pot your orchids with Jan Wilson's easy to follow guide.

Orchid Fertilizer Jan Wilson discusses orchid fertilizer - an essential ingredient of caring for orchids.

How to take care of orchids by Marco Cello Marco Cello gives his expert advice on how to take care of orchids.

The Best Way to Mist a Orchid How should you mist your orchid? Find out here.

0rchid Care Our six-part 0rchid care series

Orchid Care & Maintenance: How to Water your Indoor Orchids Carol T. Roberts [aka the Orchid Lady] suggests the best way to water your orchids.

John Perez's Homemade Orchid Fertilizer - Real or Scam?
We asked our community of orchid growers if they'd tried John Perez's orchid recipes, and if they had did they work?

Caring for Orchids after Blooming David E. Carlson discusses how to care for your orchids after they have flowered..

Asymbiotic Orchid Seed Flasking
Learn how to grow orchids from seeds with this 3-part video series from Root 66 Nursey.

Care of Orchids: Frequently Asked Questions
A selection of questions that we're often asked about orchids.

How To Re-Pot a Phalaenopsis Orchid
This fantastic instructional video will show you how to repot a phalaenopsis orchid (the method will also work for other species of orchid)