Care of Orchids: Frequently Asked Questions

This article was written to answer some of the questions about orchids that aren't answered anywhere else on the care-of-orchids website.

The questions were gathered from visitors to our websites that arrived via search engines but left immediately because their question wasn't answered on the page they landed on (if that makes sense!).

So without further ado, here we go:

Where to Water Orchids?
When watering orchids, the water should be poured into the potting mix and allowed to drain out the bottom of the pot fully. Try not to get the foliage wet and and ensure adequate drainage to avoid potential root rot. It is a good idea to pour water through the potting mixture twice (allowing it to drain fully afterwards).
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Where to Buy Humidity Trays?
Check out Amazon or 1888Orchids for quality orchid humidity trays.
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When Do I Water Orchids?
You should water your orchids when the potting mix is dry. This is usually once or twice a week but depends on the orchids environment. Poke a pencil deep into the potting mix and if it is dry when you pull it out, its time to water your orchid.
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What Temperature Do Orchids Like?
Each species of orchid has its own temperature requirements, however as a rough guide, Cymbidiums and Paphs prefer a temperature of between 10 and 27 degrees C, Oncidiums, Cattleyas and Dendrobiums prefer a temperature of between 13 and 30 degrees C and Phals prefer a temperature of between 15 and 32 degrees C.
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What is a Humidifying Tray for Orchids?
A humidifying tray or humidity tray is a tray of water that is placed below an orchid. As the water evaporates, the humidity around the orchid increases, which creates similar conditions to the natural environment of the orchid.
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Should I water Orchids From theTop or Bottom?
As stated earlier, water should be poured through the potting mix of an orchid and well drained out the bottom, as shown in the following video.
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