How to Take Care of Orchids Part 6: Temperature & Humidity

In the final part of our mini-series, "How to Take Care of Orchids", we will talk about the optimum temperature and humidity levels for orchids.

It is a misconception that orchids require high temperatures to grow, however a comfortably warm house should be perfectly adequate. 70 degrees Fahrenheit (F) is a good level for most orchids during the day dropping to around 60 degrees F at night.

A fall in temperature of about 10 degrees F at night-time is very important for a lot of species of orchids, as this is a sign to the plant that it should work on blooming. If your orchid is having difficulty blooming, it could be because this fluctuation does not exist.

Orchids require a humidity level of around 60%, with 50% being the absolute minimum. For best results the humidity should be 70% or 80%. Most homes do not have these kind of levels, so many orchid-growers use techniques to increase the humidity around their plants.

Misting your plants periodically also helps create humid conditions.

One of the best ways to increase the humidity around your orchid is to use a humidity tray. This is simply a tray of gravel or small stones and water that sits underneath your orchid pot. When the water evaporates, it will rise and surround your orchid with the humidity levels it requires.

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Air Movement
Finally, there should be air movement around your orchid. Ventilation will cut down your orchids risk of disease and aid gas exchange. Ideally, your orchid's location will be on a windowsill so it will simply be a matter of opening the window to let in a breeze. Alternatively, you could move your orchid outside periodically. If this is not feasible a small fan aimed at your orchid will be adequate.

So, we have reached the end of our 6-part mini-series, "How to Take Care of Orchids" and you now have a sound foundation to get started in this wonderful hobby. To learn more, check out the other articles on this website and subscribe to our newsletter.

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NOTE: This guide contains generalised information about how to care for orchids. Consequently, the advice given may not be suitable for your particular species and circumstances.