How to Water Orchids : Our Top Ten Tips

Watering orchids is one of the most important factors in ensuring you have happy healthy orchids with beautiful blooms. We are often asked how to water orchids by beginners, so we have complied a list of top ten tips on the subject:

  1. Do you have to water orchids?
    Believe it or not, we do get asked this and the answer is a resounding "Yes".
  2. How often should orchids be watered?
    Your orchid should be watered around once a week or when the potting media has almost dried out completely.
  3. Should I water more often in the Summer?
    Yes. In high temperatures, you should consider water once every 5 days or twice a week. In low temperatures, watering every 10 days should suffice.
  4. What kind of water should I use?
    You should water your orchid with tepid rainwater.
  5. Can orchids be left in water?
    Most species or orchid will die if left standing in water as it will cause the roots to rot.
  6. When is the best time to water an orchid?
    In the morning so that has dried out by night.
  7. How do I water my orchid?
    Carry your orchid to the sink and pour the water evenly over the potting media and roots. Let all the water that is not absorbed drain out of the bottom of the pot.
  8. Should I spray water over my orchid?
    Orchids require very humid conditions, so spraying them with water on hot days is advisable. In normal household conditions, a humidity tray beneath your plant will provide adequate humidity.
  9. My orchid is due for watering but is still damp from last time. What do I do?
    If the roots and potting media are still damp, do not water your orchid, even if it is due. There is still enough water for your orchid in the pot and over-watering is a sure-fire way to send your orchid to a premature grave.
  10. I splashed water on my orchids foliage. Is this a problem?
    Yes - it can cause bacteria and fungi to form on your orchid's leaves. If you do get water on your orchid's foliage, be sure to wipe it off.

Of course, this is very general advice and there are some species of orchid that have specific requirements not covered in this document.

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