Homemade Fertilizer Recipes That Will Skyrocket Your Orchid Growth

John Perez Fertilizer Reviews

Hey guys,

The John Perez Fertilizer e-book claims to provide recipes for homemade orchid fertilizer that produces "mind-blowing levels of beauty and value" - a very tempting offer for gardeners growing orchids.

Although we provide advertising space for this product on our website (it helps pay for our running costs), we've not personally tested John Perez's recipes ourselves and were taken aback slightly when we were informed by one of our regular readers that it may be a scam.

We briefly considered pulling advertising for the product because, of course, we don't want to be associated with partners that may not be completely kosher. However, after a little thought, we decided that this would be a knee-jerk reaction and so decided to ask our loyal readership for their opinions.

Click here to take a look at John Perez's orchid fertilizer website.

Browsing the web, there are a number websites and forums that question the integrity of John Perez's claims for his fertilizer recipes.

However, looking at our own records, the number of commissions we have received from orchid growers purchasing John Perez's recipes goes into double figures and not a single one of them have requested a refund, which suggests that the home-made fertilizers do have some merit (John offers a 60-day money-back guarantee that is handled by a highly trustworthy third-party and I know for a fact that the third party would swiftly return a buyers money if they asked).

So, I'd like to leave it with you guys. If you've purchased and tried out John's fertilizer recipes for yourself, I'd love to get some feedback from you (you can do this using the comments box below) and we'll try to ascertain if this is a legitimate and decent product or not.

Thanks in advance for all your feedback :)


John Perez's Homemade Fertilizer Recipes