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Repotting Orchids

Orchids do need repotting once they grow too big for the container they are in, but it is not simply a matter of pulling them out and dropping them into a larger pot. I will reveal the steps that you ought to follow so that there will be no damage to your orchid plant when you repot. Firstly, get a pot that is only slightly larger than the one the plant is in at the moment. It needs to be just a size bigger so that it can accommodate just one year's growth. Terracotta pots are heavier and more suited if the orchid is going to be kept outdoors, but plastic pots are fine as well. Create air space at the bottom of the pot, and prevent wet potting mix from clogging up the drainage holes, by placing some styrofoam chips over the drainage holes.

Next get the new potting mix ready to fill around the old. The type of potting mix depends on how frequently you are able to water. Choose a chunky compost mix if watering frequently, or a finer mix if you need the compost to be more water retentive. If the orchid's roots are fine and delicate, use small bark chippings. Orchids, such as Phalaenopsis, need more water retention, so peat can be added to their bark mix. Before moving the plant, look over it for signs of disease and pest damage. Clean up the plant by removing any old papery sheaths. Now carefully turn the old pot over and gently wriggle the plant out. Remove as much of the old potting mix from around the roots as you can. Cut off any roots that look withered.

Place the plant into the new pot and hold the plant while you add the new potting mix around the roots. When the new potting mix has been added, give the plant a thorough drench with water. For the next few days, keep the orchid plant out of bright light while it adapts to the new pot.

These are the few steps you need to do when repotting your orchid plant. Selecting orchid pots can be quite fun and I love choosing pot color combinations which match the orchid blooms and my home's decor. For more valuable orchid growing information, have a look at Growing Orchids

Jan Wilson is an orchid enthusiast and has her own orchid care website at Orchid-Care.org

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