Care of Orchids

Welcome to our website! Within these pages, you will find a wealth of information about one of Planet Earth’s most beautiful flowers – the Orchid (or the Orchidaceae family of flowers).

Find out about the history of this wonderful plant and learn how to care for orchids with our informative articles.

NOTE: We have a wealth of Orchid Care information within these pages, but it’s not particularly well organised at the moment, so we’d advise using the search function in the top right corner to find what you’re looking for.

Growing Orchids for Beginners Learn how to take care of orchids with our introductory article.

How to care for a phalaenopsis (moth) orchid?

How to Take Care of Orchids Part 1: Choosing Your Orchid In the first part of our mini-series on how to look after orchids, find out some of the things to consider when selecting an orchid to grow.

How to Take Care of Orchids Part 2: Potting Media Although orchids should never be grown in soil, there are a number of options for the potting media you use.

How to Take Care of Orchids Part 3: Light The amount of light that your orchid is exposed to is an important part of growing orchids.

How to Take Care of Orchids Part 4: Water How often should you water your orchid? Find out in part four of our mini-series.

How to Take Care of Orchids Part 5: Fertilizer Fertilizer is important for your orchid to get all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth.

How to Take Care of Orchids Part 6: Temperature & Humidity Discover the optimum temperature and humidity for your orchide.

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